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When it comes to your health and productivity, Xybix offers ergonomic desks built for the rigors of Healthcare use. They are leaders in the Healthcare and Medical Health Imaging industries. They’ve built a durable life-long product. Backed by a 24/7 customer service department, product warranty and a financially stable company, Xybix offers un-matched ergonomic desks to the Healthcare market.

Xybix Benefits:

  • Innovation - Consistently evolving desks to keep up with current trends and practical real world scenarios.
  • Ergonomics - Giving your people desks they enjoy and better overall health through proper fit and design.
  • Durability - Ensuring your furniture will last; tested to BIFMA's toughest industry standards.
  • Design - Professional Interior Designers to plan your space and meet current ADA and Fire Code clearances.
  • Service & Support - Seasoned Installers who work with care and efficiency. 24/7 Customer Service. 

We are Xybix Service Experts:

  • Ergonomics
  • Room Design/Layout
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Acoustics
  • Future Expansion/Growth

Xybix Key Features:

  • Pre-Wired Cables
  • Clean Look
  • Ultra Quiet Lifting Legs
  • Easy CPU Access
  • Personal Heat/Cooling
  • Individually Adjustable Lighting

Ergonomic height-adjustable Imaging desks for Radiology, PACS, Telemetry and more.


Workstation Lift System

Ultra quiet, large profile lifting columns allow keyboard and monitor surfaces to lift independently. Precise ergonomic adjustments can be made with these durable electric table legs.


Dual Height-Adjustable Work Surfaces

Finding your optimum ergonomic seated or standing position is now easier than ever with a monitor and keyboard surface that adjust height independently.



Proper focal depth adjustment is a key metric in achieving ergonomic health. Move your monitors simultaneously forward and backward to reduce eye strain.



Optional acoustical tile panel systems will reduce noise pollution and aid in concentration. The panels are a perfect solution for open areas where privacy is required.


Privacy Panel Systems

Optional acoustical tile panel systems will reduce noise pollution and aid in concentration. The panels are a perfect solution for open areas where privacy is required.


Electronic Equipment Storage

Finding space for CPU’s and other electric equipment is simple with one of our flexible configurations. Hanging CPU’s will keep the floor area clear, wiring concealed and organized.


Bias Lighting

This indirect lighting source helps make computer viewing more comfortable by reducing eye strain and fatigue. Bias lighting can be easily dimmed or brightened with the use of MyClimate.


Work Surfaces

Complete the look of your room with a customizable range of optional additional work surfaces for extra workspace, storage and organization.


MyClimate - Personal Climate Control

Control your environment and comfort at your finger tips, using MyClimate personal climate controls. Controlling your immediate environment, heating, cooling and lighting can lead to a more productive work day.


Cable Management

Proper cable management will eliminate clutter and simplify the appearance of your workstation. End-to-end cable management will rid you of loose connections and that “rat’s nest” of cables. Technicians love the easy access, quck changes and reduced maintenane.

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