Founded in 2016 by John Young, a native Floridian who served in the US Navy for six years as an Electronic Warfare Operator, Maintainer and Instructor, PREFERRED ERGONOMICS was created to serve both commercial and government markets by changing the way you work.

During his initial training with the US Navy, Young broke a bone in his lower back and severely strained surrounding muscles, and then later in his time in service, he exacerbated the injury by herniating two discs.  While utilizing the Post-9/11 GI Bill after an honorable discharge, it was during his time as an Exercise Science and Health Promotion major at Florida Atlantic University that Young brought together his technological knowledge acquired in the military and his many connections in both the IT and federal worlds to start his own federal contracting IT company, Preferred Supplier, in 2014.  Over a few years, Preferred Supplier saw a great deal of federal requests for office ergonomics in order to promote better efficiency and productivity within the workplace.  After a quick market review, Young extended Preferred Supplier’s solution scope to fit this need by partnering with the industry’s top vendors. The first implementation of ergonomics by Preferred Supplier was to adopt new workstations in accordance with the Ergonomic training within its own office.   Along with several employees, Young noticed his usual pain had reduced drastically.  After experiencing the efficacy of office ergonomics within the Preferred Supplier workplace, Young conducted ergonomic research and discovered promising clinical and return on investment data, which reinforced his own experience. Potential markets were then surveyed where a great lack of ergonomic education and utilization was found.

Young’s years of study in musculoskeletal healing suddenly found purposeful use.  His prior schooling, experience as a trainer in the Navy, expertise in office IT solutions, sales experience and his newly improved back, created a sum greater than its parts.  As these elements fell into place, Young was graced with purpose and direction.  Thus, in January 2016, PREFERRED ERGONOMICS was created as the next incarnation of Preferred Supplier to serve better serve both commercial and government