I have been suffering from neck/shoulder pain & carpal tunnel ever since I started working with computers.

My workplace has old wooden desks that are not ergonomically friendly. When I heard about the keyboard tray that could attach to my current desk, I was so excited about the idea of having relief on a daily basis!

Within a week of setting it up (installation was very easy) I noticed a huge improvement in my pain level!

I would highly recommend this for anyone suffering from chronic pain due to sitting & working at a computer all day or if you just want to simply be comfortable! I love it & wish I knew sooner! Thanks you Preferred Supplier! Thank you John Young for introducing me & making this happen!

-Natalie Grafals

The stand-up desk is really convenient for me, especially after sitting around for hours on end. With this configuration, my lower back is appreciative to the Navy for providing these desks to its employees. It gives me relief from sitting at the desk and is effective in relieving stress. It also makes it easier to move the screen when projecting specifics displayed on the monitor to another individual in the room, without needing to have the individual go around the desk to see the monitor. Almost like a convenient desktop brief within the room.

Thanks to the Navy and the distributer.

- Edward Mercado CIV NAVSUP

Mr. Young,

I am one of the GS employees that worked with your team on installation, and they are a great group of guys. We had no problems with them. Cool team!

-Bill Stephens