Ergonomic Assessment in Orlando

“Smart” ergonomic furniture can help improve employees posture and work habits, allowing your company employees live better, healthier lives. FInding the most advanced  ergonomic Office Furniture in Orlando is our Preferred Ergonomics goal!

How Do I Book an Ergonomic Assessment in Orlando?

Booking an Ergonomic Assessment  in Orlando is actually really easy to do. There are 3 ways to schedule your assessment.

What happens during an Ergonomic Assessment?

The reason behind getting an Ergonomic assessment instead of just purchasing and implementing ergonomic furniture is to ensure that the area where your employees are conducting their job duties is ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of injury and maximize their performance in the office.

Doing this type of assessment also helps with employees that already have neck and back issues return to work sooner by ensuring that their workspace will not further aggravate their injuries.

We offer an in-person in depth analysis to ensure proper execution of our assessment and your employees needs. These assessments also help employers be part of the process and as involved as they would like to be. You can not only choose the pieces, but also make sure that any special needs for specific employees are not overlooked.

All assessments include the following:

At Preferred Ergonomics, we service the Orlando area and offer lots of different choices that will fit within your company style and budget. Ergonomic Office furniture is something that your company should consider investing in as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more you put yourself and your employees at risk of workplace injuries.

As a Business owner it’s your responsibility to encourage your staff to keep moving, that way they can lead healthier lifestyles, leading to maximum job performance!

By purchasing ergonomic Office Furniture from Preferred Ergonomics in Orlando, your office will exude a modern look as well as reduce potential health risks from working a sedentary position for 9+ hours daily. We offer a large variety of ergonomic office furniture that not only looks great but exudes the quality & value your employees deserve.

Preferred Ergonomics is Changing the Way America Works.

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