Top 5 Ergonomic Trends Redefining The Workplace


Everyone wants to be Google.

Or at least, everyone would like to work at Google. Google’s efforts to create the happiest place to work includes more than free gourmet meals, massages, “nap pods” and other lavish perks. Their efforts center around a different way of looking at the workplace with a focus on ergonomics.

Google employees Erica Baker, left, and Raiford Storey work in the company's New York office space. The Mountain View, Calif.-based company has 8,000 employees worldwide, with 500 in its New York facility. The inflatable red balls are part of the playful atmosphere of the office. (Photo: AP/Mark Lennihan)

Office cubicles are getting smaller or being eliminated in many workplaces. (Photo: iStock)

More companies are providing a variety of spaces where teams can meet. (Photo: iStock)

Employers are giving employees the option to work standing up. (Photo: iStock)

It's important to consider the way people do their jobs before making changes to your workplace. (Photo: iStock)

No matter how you redesign your workplace, make sure it fits the employees who will use it. (Photo: iStock)

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