5 Proven Ways to Improve Office Ergonomics and Inspire Productivity

Unproductive employees are costing you money. Whether it’s sneaky Facebook peeks, extended toilet breaks, long lunches or pure procrastination, there’s a cost. Of course, a motivated, engaged and happy workforce is a productive one.

And low morale can spread like the Black Plague. So it’s well worth investing in your employees, and ensuring that they remain productive, while also enjoying their work.

One way to increase employee engagement and boost productivity is by having an inspiring place to work in. It’s hard to be creative and innovative sitting in a drab, dull and poorly-lit office space. With the help of Belle Skylights, we’ve put together five proven ways to improve your office ergonomics and boost productivity.

Introduce natural light into your office

Did you know that vitamin D deficiency can impact your clarity of thought? Most of us are vitamin D deficient simply due to the amount of time we spend indoors. Whether it’s because we’re stuck in the office or at home, we struggle to get the amount of sunlight we need for our bodies to function optimally.

One way you can introduce some natural light into the office is by installing a skylight. Not only will this improve office aesthetics, it will undoubtedly lift the mood and productivity of your workers.

Improve workstation ergonomics

Poorly designed chairs, desks and ill-positioned monitors can cause all manner of back, neck and shoulder pain. It’s hard to work efficiently when you’re in pain. It’s worth investing in some good quality chairs and desks that are ergonomically designed.

You can even get ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets that are designed to reduce the chances of contracting RSI. You could also investigate standing workstations.

Also, encourage your team to get up and stretch and move around. You could even introduce a post-lunch walk to get people active and refreshed in the afternoon.

Encourage regular breaks

Did you know that the best amount of time to work for in a row is actually 52 minutes? Yep, that’s right. 52 minutes and a 17 minute break. Your staff will actually be more productive using this system of work then break than by ploughing through two or three hours of work in a row.

Why not incorporate this system into your company or organisation’s workflow? You can even use micro-break software to program in the specific times. While you’re at it, encourage your team to walk around during the 17 minute break. That way they’re less likely to be stiff and sore at the end of the day.

Get funky

No, we don’t mean play James Brown throughout the office, although that can’t hurt. Spruce up the office. Potted plants, hanging baskets, cool artwork and nice bits of decor can inspire creativity.

Besides, people like to live, work and relax in spaces that are pleasing to the senses. And maybe that idea about music isn’t so silly after all. You could even gift your employees headphones or earbuds. Everyone likes free stuff.

Separate spaces for separate tasks

Another way to encourage productivity and innovation is to designate space for it. Create a brainstorm hub or a special meeting room for when you want your staff to come up with new ideas and put them into action.

Make sure that this space is adequately lit and decorated too. If you operate in an open plan office, it may be time to reconsider your setup.


Encourage creativity and free-thinking. Your employees will relish it, and you’ll be rewarded with a productive and grateful workforce. And remember the above points: natural light, workstation ergonomics, regular breaks, decoration and a think-tank room.

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